You are currently viewing Bedazzling Brooches – R125 each!

Bedazzling Brooches – R125 each!

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Never forget to accessorize!

It’s the last thing you put on but the first to get noticed– these brooches add a perfect amount of bling to our infinity dresses. Depending on your style, you can add a brooch in any way that suits your style, figure and preferences and is a fun and different way to rock up your look in a snap!

Brooch 7

While our infinity dress can already be worn in an infinite number of ways, you can try even more styles by adding a gorgeous, glittering brooch! Brooches add just the right amount of dressy flair for an evening event and expand your styling options as well.

Brooch 5

Brooches can even add the effect of a decorative belt buckle when you pin it onto one of the layers of fabric wrapped around your waist. When pinning on your brooches, always make sure not to pierce the fabric of your dress! Simply thread the pin under a strip of the fabric and fasten it.

Brooch 2

We have lots of different sizes and shapes in our collection of brooches! Check them out for dressing up your infinity dress and for pinning onto your lapel when you’re not wearing your dress!

Brooch 1

Brooches are R125 each.

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